Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jurying the State Fair Art Show

If you have ever wondered what it is like to jury the State Fair Art Show, Douglas Beasley, who juryed the photographs for the 2009 show, describes what it was like for him to chose 107 photographs for exhibition from over 1,100 photographs entered into the show. He selected the photographs and awarded ribbons in one day.

Tom Winterstein, an Old Town Artists member, was an assistant to the oil painting judge about 10 years ago when over 600 paintings were entered into the show. He estimates that the judge spent 5 seconds or less evaluating a painting during the first round of jurying. If the judge said yes or maybe, the painting was put into the next round of jurying. If the judge said no, the painting was not accepted into the art show. Even at only 5 seconds per painting it took about an hour for the first round of jurying. This process was repeated two or three times. During each successive round of jurying, the judge took more time evaluating a painting. Finally, the paintings were laid side by side on the floor. The judge then walked among the paintings, comparing them, to make the final 10 or 20 rejections. After this the judge had to award the ribbons to the paintings. Tom says it was a very long day.

The entries and accepted works in each category for this year's show (2011) are shown below. Between 16- 22 percent of the works entered in each category were accepted for the art show.
1. Oil/acrylic/mixed media55697
2. Sculpture14925
3. Watercolor/gouache/casein/tempera16629
4. Drawings/pastel17830
5. Prints5412
6. Ceramics/glass11222
7. Textiles/fibers7315
8. Photography796125

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