Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mechanically Accurate Drawing vs. Artistically Accurate Drawing

Quote from The pracice & Science of Drawing by Harold Speed
"And when with an eye trained to the closest mechanical accuracy the author visited the galleries of the Continent and studied the drawings of the old masters, it soon became apparent that either his or their ideas of drawing were all wrong. Very few drawings could be found sufficiently 'like the model' to obtain the prize at either of the great schools he had attended. Luckily there was just enough modesty left for him to realize that possibly they were in some mysterious way right and his own training in some way lacking. And so he set to work to try and climb the long uphill road that separates mechanically accurate drawing  from artistically accurate drawing."

Harold Speed, pp. v-vi, "The Practice & Science of Drawing", Dover Publications, Inc., 1972  (Reprint of the third edition published in 1917.)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life-drawing model schedule for February

2/6 Mary A. ( 1 pose )

2/13 Staci (2 extended poses)

2/20 Shelby (1)

2/27 Katie (2)